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Real sex stories.
100% Anonymous.

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We are advocates for hoe shit.

We want to hear about your hoe escapades, about that time you hung from the chandelier, about that lover that you'll never forget.

We want the world to have sex and sex more abundantly.

And that comes from trying new things, unleashing your desires and all of us TALKING ABOUT IT MORE.

That’s what Hoe & Tell is all about.

Let's keep in touch.

We're just starting on this journey and want you to come along for the ride. Do we know what we're doing? Not really. But like all good sexual  experiences, it starts with fumbling around and deciding what feels good. In the meantime, and to thank you for subscribing, we've created a quick How To Infographic that will take shower sex to a new level. You're welcome. 


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By the way, this is an affiliate link and we receive a small percentage of your purchase. However, please know that we LOVE this stool and use it personally.

Meet Your



I'm a Sex Influencer and Sexpert and I believe every woman deserves to have an intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life.

I use my platforms as a safe space to help women feel comfortable discussing sex out loud without shame.

Follow me @SexWithAshley on the gram.


I've always been interested in sex and in people with the audacity to demand delight in this world that worships sacrifice. I’ve overcome more than my fair share of sexual trauma, wrote a book about sex organs and conflict resolution (Jointly Fit: How our sex organs reveal the secret to conflict resolution in marriage), participated in plenty of Hoe Shit and now I’m an Intuitive and mentor and magic maker. (Sex magick anyone?)

Resistance is resistance and if you are stifling your desires you can’t effectively manifest anything, so let’s TALK about and normalize all pleasure and especially sexual pleasure. Maybe we’ll all find something new to try in the process.

I have a lot of salacious convos with my best friends. Now I can't wait for all of you to be my best hear your stories. It’s going to be so so good! Follow me on the gram @crystaltheoracle.



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